Host a Course

Please contact us if you wish to host a Dry Needling Course. Following are few points you may need to consider.

  • If considering to host, you must provide us large enough lecturing area with sitting arrangements, plinths, chairs, pillows etc. and adequate space for tea/lunch catering.
  • Audio-visual facilities vary from place to place and its great to have it onsite. Although we have our own projector, we will need a screen / projectable wall and other accessories such as extension cord, adaptor etc.
  • We are flexible to change the timings of the course so that it does not interfere with services of your clinic / department.
  • Depending on the number of attendees you will get free place(s) for hosting. Alternatively, we can pay the agreed rent in return of the venue. We can offer DISCOUNT for bulk booking.
  • A group small or big doesn't matter, however we need at least 6-8 attendees to run a course. With smaller group the necessary hours of training will not be reduced instead you will have more opportunity to interact with course lecturer and learn some alternative techniques for many muscles.

Above is not the exhaustive list. Details of hosting a course will be discussed upon communication.