Frequently Asked Questions about Dry Needling Courses

Am I allowed to practice in my country?

Professional scope of practice varies from country to country and also among different states within the same country e.g. USA. This technique is included in physiotherapy scope of practice in many countries like UK, Ireland, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, India, Canada, some states in USA etc. Please check your scope and legality of practice with the relevant professional regulatory body of the country in which you currently practice/ intend to practise.

What professionals are allowed to practice dry needling?

Dry needling is not limited to any single profession. Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths etc. have included this technique in their scope of practice. Contact your own professional regulatory body to find if it is within your scope of practice.

Do I need to be fully qualified before attending the Course? / I am a student, Can I attend the course?

Full qualification and practising membership of relevant professional body is a MUST. 

Is this course valid internationally?

YES. Our Dry Needling courses are designed on the basis of many International Best Practice guidelines such as Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapist Guideline for Dry Needling Practice, ASAP (Australian Society of Acupuncture Physiotherapist) Guidelines for safe acupuncture and dry needling practice, APTA Dry needling resource paper etc., and fulfils minimum required hours of training. Wherever required, we follow necessary accreditation procedure prior to hosting a course.

Do I have to do any acupuncture or needling course prior to this?

NO. You will be taught about basic needling approach and safety aspect of it. Trigger point needling is a different approach to that of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

Do I have to do any Trigger Point therapy Course prior to this?

NO. That will be an added advantage if you have done such a course. You will be taught how to identify trigger points and theoretical aspect of myofascial trigger points and their referral patterns (of the muscles listed) based on works of Dr(s) Travell & Simons & many other pioneers in this field.

What should I read before the course?

A little bit of preparation before the course will help you in grasping the techniques. Reading regional and surface anatomy of the muscles to be covered is highly essential. Give emphasis on lung fields, arteries, veins, nerves and other important structures in the vicinity of a muscle /group of muscles. An extensive review of anatomy using the latest audiovisual tools will be covered in the course. Pre-course study materials containing Open Access Journal Articles on myofascial pain syndromes and dry needling, Dry Needling Guidelines and Real Case Studies will be e-mailed to participants ahead of the course.

Do I need professional insurance to participate in the course?

This is a MUST in many countries. In some countries, it is not mandatory to have professional practice insurance and this may change in future. However, we are guided by various professional bodies of different countries and by our own insurance. As ‘Dry Needling’ is an invasive approach, you will need to sign a declaration indemnifying the course lecturer(s), assistant(s) and organiser prior to practical session.

What should I bring to the course?

One box of non-sterile disposable gloves of your hand size; A small roll of absorbent cotton wool; One box of disinfectant alcohol swabs; One large towel for your comfort/privacy; 

What should I wear for the course?

There will be no external model to practice needling. Participants are expected to practice the techniques on each other in turns within the groups and expose adequately for needling of the muscles to be covered. You are expected to wear light clothing. T-shirts, shorts, arm less vests, sports bras are most suitable. We respect individual’s religious and socio-cultural beliefs. Please bring to the attention of course instructor if you have any issues with exposing any body part.

Can I participate if I am Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a not a contraindication to dry needling. However, it can be erroneously linked to needling for any mishap during pregnancy. Generally pregnant bodies are more sensitive and if you are pregnant, practising needles on you will be limited and vigorous needling will be prohibited.This may affect the learning experience of your practical partner. Moreover, you may not get enough opportunity or be in a position to practice the techniques immediately after the course (during late stage of pregnancy and early motherhood). Hence, you may lose the skills acquired in the course.

What is covered in Advanced Level Course?

Trigger points of muscles of Temporomandibular Joint, Pectoral region, Arm, Forearm, Hand, Anterior and Lateral compartment of Leg, Foot, Abdomen, and Thoracic extensors are covered at this level. Further details can be found in ‘course details’ section.

When can I do Advanced Level Course?

You can do advanced level course after completing the Introductory Level course. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Course Booking

How do I sign up / book my place for the course?

You can book directly by visiting  COURSE BOOKING PAGE.

Can I pay by Instalments?

YES. This can not be done online. Email us for approval and mode of payment. However, you cannot avail any early bird offer / other discount (as applicable). If paying by instalments, the fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. You must pay the remaining course fee 2 weeks prior to the course date.

What is Cancellation/Refund Policy?

Cancellation by participant  A full refund minus nominal admin fee if more than 4 weeks notice; 50% refund if less than 4 weeks notice (a full refund minus nominal admin fee if the place can be filled by another participant) ( not applicable to participants paying by instalments) . No refund if cancelled less than 48hrs notice.

Cancellation by course organiser / lecturer: Although highly unlikely, course organiser / lecturer reserves the right to cancel the course/alter the venue/date. In that case you will be offered a place in future or full fee refund. However, no other compensation will be made that you may have had incurred e.g. travel/accommodation/leave etc.

How do I pay the course fee?


  • Click on the relevant course.
  • Follow the instructions to make payments via Pay Pal account/Debit/Credit card and reserve your place. 

PAY by Electronic Fund Transfer:

  • Email us to express your interest. 
  • Upon confirmation of your place, login to your own bank and make payments to this account (Cohesive Therapy,  IBAN: IE11AIBK93440220394197)
  • Use your NAME  as reference.

PAY by Cheque/Bank Draft (place will be reserved upon clearance):

  • Email us to express your interest. 
  • Upon Confirmation of your place, make cheque/draft Payable to  COHESIVE THERAPY and POST to 10 ESKER WALK, ARDKEEN VILLAGE, WATERFORD.